South-East Asia Ramayana Research Centre

The Epic Ramayana has acted as a messenger of peace, hope and harmony among people cutting across language and religion. The South-East Ramayana Research centre was founded by Asom Ranta Jnanpith Award from Assam late Dr. Indira Goswami who was also known as Mamoni Raisom Goswami. She was an outstanding writer and Ramayana scholar. The centre was inaugurated in 2008 by one of the greatest Ramayana scholar Dr. Nuria Mohammad of Malaysia. The centre is liberal in its outlook and perspective. Mamoni Raisom Goswami has done one and all has done extensive Research on the appeal of the Ramayana in the North-Eastern region.




Dr. Indira Goswami single handedly established the most prestigious and wounderful centre S.E.A.R.R.C for the Ramayana loving student and people of the world. The centre was inaugurated by Dr. Nuria Mohammad from Malayasia in 20th Jan 2008. Many International Ramayana scholars were also present in that auspiocious day. Some of the dignitaries were –

» Lallan Prasad Viyas the president of the International Ramayana conference.

» Rosalia Hammel from Hungary Artist of Ramayana.

» Sri Surang Poolthypa professor Thailand.

» Dr. Kush Visser former vice chancellor Holland.

» Swetlina Dingis etc.

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